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An open letter to the
Union of British Columbia
Indian Chiefs and the
B.C. Civil Liberties Association

Police cover-ups are more common than you might realize.
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The cop status quo matters

B.C. stands ready to manipulate identity politics
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Meet the people who supposedly
keep B.C. cops accountable

The OPCC’s
crooked crew of ex-cops

They run British Columbia’s Office of the
Police Complaint Commissioner but they’re
the most obviously corrupt people in B.C.


This website focuses on B.C.’s Office of the Police Complaint Commissioner, B.C.’s most obviously corrupt public agency. Legislation allows the OPCC’s unscrupulous staff to work in near secrecy and with zero accountability. Yet there’s absolutely no impetus to change this status quo. The OPCC benefits from B.C.’s ethically corrupt political parties and legal establishment, collaborationist activists and gutless media.


Cop lobby favourite Clayton Pecknold becomes B.C.’s police complaint commissioner

Clayton Pecknold, the new head of B.C.’s cop-biased OPCC,
comes with extensive cop credentials. He’s formerly an RCMP cop,
deputy chief cop of Saanich cops, cop president of the cop-representing
B.C. Association of Police Chiefs, a director of PRIMECorp, a cop-run
database that smears innocent people with false info fabricated by cops
, and
assistant deputy minister and director of cop services for the Solicitor General,
a consistently cop-friendly government department. This guy runs a secretive,
unaccountable cop-dominated agency that claims to provide “impartial
civilian oversight” of cop investigations into cop misconduct.


Consider the careers of Pecknold’s unscrupulously
cop-friendly predecessors, starting with Stan Lowe


Victoria police chief Frank Elsner’s on-the-job sexual impropriety benefited from a Stan Lowe cover-up for four months until the media found out

Victoria police chief Frank Elsner’s sexual impropriety
benefited from a Stan Lowe cover-up for four months.
The police complaint commissioner refused to carry out his
Police Act responsibilities until after media reported Elsner’s behaviour.
Much later, Lowe released a self-aggrandizing spin-and-smear “report”
to divert attention from his cover-up.


When Vancouver police constable Taylor Robinson shoved a disabled woman to the sidewalk for no reason,
the VPD conducted a cover-up that lasted over six weeks. Stan Lowe took part in the VPD cover-up.
As in the Elsner case, belated media exposure forced Lowe to call an investigation into Robinson.
Of course Lowe refuses to call an investigation into the VPD cover-up, in which he colluded.
Lowe’s staff, including deputy police complaint commissioner Rollie Woods, OPCC investigative analyst
Andrea Spindler and OPCC admissibility analyst Anthony Parker
, continue to lie about the case.
(Click the photo to see Robinson’s actions.)


Stan Lowe helped New Westminster Police cover up
the case of constable Sukhwinder “Vinnie” Singh Dosanjh.
Lowe refused to call a public hearing despite numerous highly disturbing charges,
including assault and firearms offences, and despite the enormous leniency granted to
the cop. At the same time, deputy police complaint commissioner Rollie Woods praised
the New West force for its supposed transparency, discipline and accountability.
A more recent sexual assault investigation into Dosanjh puts Lowe and his crew
in a conflict of interest. They have the power to prevent this investigation
from opening a closet full of OPCC skeletons.


Stan Lowe covered up Saanich cop Brent Wray’s vicious assault on Don Lapshinoff

Stan Lowe and his crew learned about Saanich cop Brent Wray’s vicious assault
on Don Lapshinoff
roughly two years after Saanich police covered up the incident.
That pre-dated the creation of the Independent Investigations Office, when serious injuries
inflicted by cops were investigated by other cops, with oversight from the OPCC.
Lowe was then obligated to order two Police Act investigations: one into Wray’s actions
and another into the Saanich cops who tried to shield their violent colleague.
Lowe refused to do either. Instead he conducted a double cover-up.


Paul Boyd was shot several times while crawling on the ground by Vancouver police
constable Lee Chipperfield. Stan Lowe and his ex-cops then hired a self-proclaimed police psychologist
named Bill Lewinski, knowing in advance that he always sides with police. Lowe concluded that
Lewinski’s biased rationale “reasonably explained” why Chipperfield
repeatedly shot the crawling man.


Jim Fisher, Vancouver police exploiter of vulnerable girls and women awarded by Suzanne Anton minister of justice and attorney general

Stan Lowe and his crew got away with covering up indefensible actions
committed by several cops, often against female victims. With new allegations
that Vancouver police covered up VPD detective Jim Fisher’s sexual exploitation
of vulnerable girls and women, we have to ask whether Lowe, liar Rollie Woods
and other OPCC characters were involved


What kind of characters run the OPCC?

Since its inception, B.C.’s Office of the Police Complaint Commissioner has been run
by disreputable establishment lawyers — Don Morrison, Dirk Ryneveld and
Stan Lowe — who have all made big money covering up for cops.


As a Crown attorney and member of the Criminal Justice Branch executive management,
Stan Lowe took part in the unanimous decision to exonerate the four RCMP officers
involved in Robert Dziekanski’s death. Lowe stated emphatically that
the five Taser shocks and other brutal treatment inflicted on Dziekanski
were “reasonable and necessary.” One week later Lowe was appointed
B.C.’s police complaint commissioner.


Former B.C. deputy police complaint commissioner and ex-RCMP officer
Bruce M. Brown was so complacent that he didn’t bother to read complaints
against cops. He just skimmed them quickly before writing almost unbelievably sloppy
and dishonest decisions that claimed the cops were always right. He got away with it
because his equally corrupt boss, Dirk Ryneveld, fully supported him. Like all OPCC staff,
neither of them answered to the provincial Ombudsperson or anyone else.


Rollie Woods’ corrupt career encouraged hatred of cops

Recently retired deputy police complaint commissioner Rollie Woods
set up a lucrative retirement sinecure while conducting cover-ups on behalf
of the Vancouver Police Department’s oddly named Professional Standards unit.
Under his direction, VPD investigators decided in advance that police were
100-per-cent right and complainants or victims 100-per-cent wrong, smeared complainants,
interviewed complainants only at the end of investigations, conducted witness-tampering
and lied about the Criminal Code. Woods’ cover-ups were then rubber-stamped by the OPCC.
Stan Lowe hired and promoted this repugnant liar, ensuring
a dishonest cop culture prevails at the OPCC.


OPCC lying hardly stops there. OPCC investigative analyst Andrea Spindler and OPCC admissibility analyst Anthony Parker have also contributed to the Taylor Robinson cover-up. Other OPCC staff must be embroiled too, if there are no whistleblowers. Because legislation allows the OPCC to work in near secrecy and with zero accountability, we don’t know how many other cases have been covered up, unfairly dismissed or treated with unjustifiable leniency.


How does an agency like the OPCC get away with this?


It takes an ethically corrupt political and legal establishment, along with uber-ambitious faux activists, to prop up something like the OPCC. It also takes an awful lot of lying. A compliant media doesn’t hurt, either.


Both BC Liberals and NDP lie on behalf of Office of the Police Complaint Commissioner corruption

For several years, the BC Liberals and NDP have agreed wholeheartedly on every aspect of police accountability.
They’ve sunk to dishonest, even ridiculous, depths to support the cop status quo. The names of the politicians change,
but their support for the cop status quo remains consistent. The unanimity of two otherwise warring political parties
suggests the influence of a powerful police lobby.


Law Society of British Columbia Beverly Gallagher and Katherine Crosby lie on behalf of corrupt lawyer Stanley Thomas Lowe

Defending Stan Lowe’s cover-up of VPD constable Taylor Robinson, Law Society of British Columbia
staff lawyer Beverly Gallagher lied on Lowe’s behalf
. Her supervisor, Katherine Crosby, fully and
unconditionally supported Gallagher’s blatant dishonesty.


BC Civil Liberties executive director Josh Paterson refuses to speak out about the VPD/OPCC Taylor Robinson cover-up

B.C. Civil Liberties executive director Josh Paterson knows about the Taylor Robinson cover-up.
He apparently also knows the government doesn’t give you a social justice paycheque
for taking a stand on this issue. The establishment lapdog and his BCCLA lap-puppies will not
criticize B.C.’s system of police accountability, let alone the corruption it encourages.


Like their intrepidly challenged leader Josh Paterson, BCCLA faux activists Jason Gratl
and Robert Holmes refuse to speak out on OPCC corruption. They’ve also repeatedly praised
provincial legislation creating an inadequate Independent Investigations Office and — liars like so many
others in B.C.’s justice con game — dishonestly claim the IIO marks the end of police self-investigation.
The conclusion is unavoidable — they do so to further their establishment ambitions.


Doug King poverty pimp lawyer Pivot Legal Society
Pivot Legal Society lawyer Doug King declined to pursue
his poverty pimp career in the black and Hispanic inner-cities
of his own country. Finding more opportunity in B.C., he sells out his clients
to boost his establishment ambitions.
While representing Michael Vann Hubbard’s family,
King absolved Vancouver police constable Estilize Wicks for her cowardly shooting
of the frail, elderly man. While representing Sandy Davidsen, King praised B.C. police
complaint commissioner Stan Lowe, even though Lowe helped VPD Professional Standards
cover up constable Taylor Robinson’s assault on King’s client


BC media publish positive, one-sided coverage of police accountability

B.C.’s media rarely publish anything but favourable coverage about the OPCC,
most of it driven by the OPCC itself or its supporters. Just one example was the media’s consistently
superficial coverage of the auditor general’s obvious whitewash. That contrasts starkly with largely
negative coverage of B.C.’s Independent Investigations Office, most of it driven by police interests.


Vaughn Palmer unquestioningly supports establishment bigshots

Supposedly one of B.C.’s top journalists, Vancouver Sun legislative columnist
Vaughn Palmer can’t for the life of him substantiate his claim that Stan Lowe
“has done a good job.”
Moreover Palmer brushes off verifiable evidence of Lowe’s
corruption without the slightest bit of journalistic curiosity, let alone concern.


Victoria Times Colonist sucks up to corrupt police complaint commissioner Stan Lowe

Despite Stan Lowe’s Frank Elsner cover-up and following closely on
news of his Brent Wray cover-up, the Victoria Times Colonist published
a phantasmagorical portrayal of this guy’s manifestly corrupt career.
Additionally, B.C.’s media treat lying OPCC ex-cop Rollie Woods as a credible news source,
even when he treats journalists like compliant stooges. Below are two examples.

Rollie Woods lies to the Victoria Times Colonist

The first highlighted paragraph in the above letter from Rollie Woods to the Times Colonist
is highly misleading. Chief Justice Christopher Hinkson rejected Stan Lowe’s excuses for
his four-month delay in ordering an investigation into Victoria police chief Frank Elsner.
The second is an outright lie. The public hearing into VPD constable Taylor Robinson’s assault
on Sandy Davidsen didn’t even address how Vancouver police handled the matter.


Rollie Woods lies to the Georgia Straight

Woods also lied — again, very blatantly — in the above letter to the Georgia Straight.
Apart from Woods’ usual obfuscation and misleading remarks, there’s absolutely no truth
to his claim that Stan Lowe ordered an inquiry into the way Vancouver police handled
Taylor Robinson’s assault on Sandy Davidsen.


Stan Lowe, BC police complaint commissioner, prominent member of B.C.’s legal establishment and a repugnant liar

Repugnant lying ex-cop Rollie Woods spoke for — and therefore lied for — Stan Lowe.
That made B.C.’s police complaint commissioner, a prominent member of the province’s
legal establishment and an independent officer of the legislature, a repugnant liar himself.
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